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About my Video Lessons:
Video lessons are created for students of any level designed around lesson topics they choose to focus on (rather than just a stock lesson clips or DVDs).  They are specifically tailored to each student and focus on the topics each student wants and needs. It’s the next best thing to a personal “one on one” standard lesson, but even more useful as you can save and reference this material at any time.  The idea started when I received many emails around the country who saw performances or videos and inquired for lesson information or asking who might be available in their area for Hammond or piano training, etc.
Some students are beginners,  some more advanced and I’m trying to design the best approach to meeting these requests and overall quality per lesson.

Video Lesson Features:
  • 55 minute lesson covering topics of choice (conforming to a max 50min lesson length)
  • direct overhead shot of the instrument (piano or organ) for lesson clarity
  • clear audio and video of instrument and lesson narration
  • in-video text where applicable (e.g. – chord/notes, fingerings, specific stop settings, tab settings, tips, etc).
  • deliverable in either PC or Mac video formats
  • Easy payment via PayPal
Examples of Lesson Topics :
  • beginners: hammond organ or piano basics, scales, modes, geography, technique
  • chords: rooted and rootless voicings, progressions, etc.
  •  reading music and chord charts
  • comping, root movement, chord voicings/inversions/movement
  • approaches to feel: pushing/laying back, swing, funk/blues, straight, rock, approaches to ballad playing to fast-tempo playing, etc.
  • (organ) foot pedalwork basics, basslines and walking, tone management, etc
  • more approaches to solo piano or hammond organ – to playing with a duo/trio or more.
  • (organ): drawbar proficiency: popular settings, tone creations and approach, learning to adjust on the fly/shape your sounds
  •   (Piano/organ): fingerings, proper technique, shorcuts to faster learning and more
…and much more  because it’s up to YOU to determine the focus of each lesson.
Each personalized video lesson costs $150.00 (an hour lesson rate including post-production in creating your deliverable video lesson).
Please note:
– There will be times where I will have to limit lesson requests/orders in order to give proper attention to student lesson requests.
– There are limited slots available and all lesson requests are done in order of payment received.  To avoid a backlog in orders I will reply and inform you in order to ensure all previous students online lesson needs are first met.  It’s the best route in ensuring a proper lesson and attention is given per student.
– Each video is tagged/watermarked with your account number setup upon each lesson order. In respect, we ask that you do not post or distribute your personal videos in any way, shape or form. These are for you and you alone.
If you wish to purchase or have questions please visit the CONTACT page  (please put “VIDEO LESSON” in the subject).